Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bringing the Snow In

Today my little guy was begging to go outside, but I just couldn't justify bundling him up in below 0 weather..and so we improvised. I got out a big Sterilite container, went out to the deck and filled it with snow. The look on G-man's face was priceless. They weren't exactly sure what they were supposed to do with it, but it wasn't long before they thought it was a totally cool idea.

I started out by giving them measuring cups, bowls and kitchen utencils.  After awhile they got more comfortable with the sensation and got a little braver as well. 

After the novelty wore off, I introduced the water bottle and most importantly-COLOR! It wasn't long before they wanted another color..and another...and another. Then G-man had an idea to go get some water and he started putting the yellow snow into the water.  (is it me or does yellow snow bring anyone else right back to their childhood?) This transferring of snow/water went on and on.

All in all, this little activity consumed 1 1/2 hours of time. If you know G-man, this is pretty much equivalent to an eternity.

The cleanup was a breeze-a definite hit!

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