Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fun

If you live around here, you know that we have been “iced in” for 3 days now, which means we haven’t been out of the house since Tuesday. I knew I had to come up with something today. Here are a few things that have filled the past few mornings…

Finger Painting with Chocolate Pudding
(on waxed paper)

I’ve had this idea on our “to do” list for a long time, so today we finally did it. They giggled and smiled the whole time.

IMG_3172 IMG_3174

Of course, half the fun was eating it, which of course led to a big mess…
Which then led to this….


Snowman Snack
What eat a plain banana when it could be a snowman? I didn’t plan this so just used whatever we had around the house. Nobody seemed to mind it wasn’t perfect.

IMG_3165 IMG_3167

Chalk Writing

Just another way to practice fine motor skills. My 3 year old doesn’t care too much for writing or even coloring so I thought maybe this would excite him-something a little different. It must not have been too exciting because it lasted about 30 seconds. But he did say he made a you see it? Ha ha.



  1. Looks like comments are working? Maybe just user error.

  2. Cute! I bought chocolate pudding a few days ago for my son to practice his handwriting in, isn't this fun to watch them?! :)

  3. These are cute ideas :) Love the choc pudding finger painting!

  4. I hope that pudding washes out of their clothes! Cute ideas, thanks for sharing.