Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun with Frosty

My 3 year old has been infatuated with Frosty the Snowman for well over a year now. It started last year when we literally read (sang) the book a zillion times. This year, it is my 1 year old's favorite book.  The pic on the left is us last year, and the right is from today.

Santa brought the DVD for Christmas and it is still going strong.

He woke up asking to make a art project so we decided to make..who else?  Frosty.

• 1 Sheet Blue Construction Paper: For base
• White construction paper: cut in wave for snow base
• Orange Construction paper: cut in triangle for nose
• Black construction paper: hole punch for eyes and buttons, trace hat shape and cut out
• Brown Construction Paper: Cut twig arms 2/snowman
• Several Cotton Balls
• Sparkly fake snow for sky decoration, or snowflake stickers, or just draw them on with markers! (we hadn't done that yet when I took the pic)
• Glue

I traced 3 circles onto the blue construction paper so he would know where to glue the cotton balls, then showed him a finished one so he had something to work from and let him have at it!

I had to include this little story...I was washing dishes and heard my 3 year old say "You shouldn't bounce with a poopy diaper". I walked in and this is what I saw...poor guy! (and it was a bad one!)

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