Monday, January 11, 2010

3rd Bday Party

Last week my big guy turned 3 and we celebrated with a family party here at the house.  It was very special because our whole family was there. He was so happy when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him; he grinned from ear to ear. Also, when it was time to open presents he kept asking "Is it MY turn"? He was still in Christmas mode and thought he had to take turns. It was adorable.

Since I still haven't gotten the cake decorating thing down yet, I decided to do cupcakes.  I wrapped a piece of cardboard with sky-like wrapping paper and arranged the cupcakes like balloons.  The "Happy Birthday" is just letter stickers and then I used  blocks to spell his name. Here is a close-up. I decided to change the blocks after I took this picture.

Here are the answers to his 3rd birthday interview questions. The answers are exactly what he said.

  •  What is your name? Garrett

  •  When were you born? a little baby

  •  Who is your mommy? (pointed to me)

  •  Who is your daddy? Grant

  •  What does your mommy do? plays with me

  •  What does your daddy do? plays with me

  • What is your favorite color? m & m's are favorite color

  •  What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be tall like daddy

  • What is your favorite food? broccoli is my favorite

  • What food do you not like? cauliflower

  • What is your favorite animal? animal crackers

  •  Where do you want to live when you grow up? daddy's apartment (no idea on that one)

  •  What do mommy and daddy do after you go to bed? talk

  • What is your favorite song? ABCD

  •  What is your favorite movie? Frosty

  •  What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? I like ice cream

  • Who is your favorite person? mom

  •  Who is your best friend? Laken (neighbor girl)

  •  What is your favorite book? monkey book

  •  Where did Colin come from? in heaven

  • What is your favorite thing to do? play pizza (Melissa and Doug pizza set)

  • If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be? play and have vitamins

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