Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mitten Suncatcher

We’ve been enjoying Jan Brett’s The Mitten for a few weeks now so when I saw this idea on, I thought we’d give it a try.themitten
What You’ll Need:
  • any color cardstock or construction paper would work too
  • different colored tissue paper squares
  • contact paper or laminating machine
  • optional: markers, jewels, glitter, other decor
What We Did:
1. First, I drew a mitten on a piece of white cardstock. I then drew a 1 inch border around it and cut out the middle.
2.  My little guy wanted to color it in with markers, OR you could paint it, or just use colored paper to skip this step.
3.  Next, I put the mitten inside a laminating pouch, but if you’re using contact paper, just set it on top of the sticky side.

4. Have your little one put the squares of tissue paper in the inside.
5. Close the laminating pouch and laminate, or put the other piece of contact paper over the finished design and seal. Cut out and put on window to admire.
IMG_3232 IMG_3233

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for checking out my blog- Never a Dull Moment.
    I love your blog. You have so many great ideas!! I love the stain glass mitten. I think we will try it this week when we read The Mitten.
    Thanks for all the great ideas!