Monday, February 1, 2010

The Tiny Snowflake

Today was all about snowflakes…and it it fit perfectly as it snowed a little today. 

This is a sweet little book about Lacy the Snowflake who doesn’t think she is special.  She later learns that she was created to be a sparkle snowflake and that God created every snowflake to be special.
After we read the book we talked about how each of us was created by God to be special, no matter what our differences.  I dowloaded this  little book below  from 1+1+1 to read after the story.  G-man was tickled to see his picture on the last page.

IMG_3248 IMG_3246

Then we did these cute little snowflake puzzles, again from 1+1+1.

IMG_3250 IMG_3256

Finally, I drew a snowflake on white paper and had him use his do-a-dot markers to make a snowflake. (btw-these markers are at Michael’s and if you use the 50% coupon, only about $7)

IMG_3259 IMG_3260
Is it too early to say I’m getting tired of the snow???

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