Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jumping Numbers

I can’t take credit for this activity at all since it came from my PAT (Parents as Teachers educator) but I thought I would share because I thought it was so darn cute and G-man loved it. Plus, it would be very easy to do yourself if you wanted to.
The objective is to recognize the numbers 1-6. This is a new concept to Garrett, but surprisingly, he is very into counting lately, wanting to count everything.  It was perfect timing. She brought a large foam die and Garrett first had to roll it and count the dots to determine the number.
IMG_3418 Once the number was determined, he had to find the page with that number on it, and count those dots to make sure it was the right number.
Then he had to jump that number inside of the circle (made out of a heavy yarn type).
IMG_3417 IMG_3420
We ended the hour with a book about…counting of course! Thanks for a great activity Stacy.

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