Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What We’ve Been Up To…

Ah…well, I thought I better do a little blogging before I forget how to. I’m so sorry it’s been so long; my camera has been acting up for one (as you will see from the pics) and we’ve just been trying to get out a little more now that the weather is at least a little nicer. Here is a glimpse of the past few weeks.

Trip to the Museum/Aquarium

We are fortunate enough to live in an area that has a wonderful museum and aquarium. They also have a program for 2-4’s once a month called “Toddler Tuesday” that we try to get to. The best part is that after the program you can just visit the aquarium. My 3 year old loves to see all of the fish, lizards, frogs, otters, etc etc!

IMG_3334 IMG_3335

IMG_3336 IMG_3337

Trip to the Waterpark

Again, we have this great indoor waterpark that has $5 Mondays. This past Monday we spent 2 1/2 hours there and this mama was exhausted when we got home. G-man is little timid of the water so I try to get him in it as much as I can. The little guy on the other hand, is a daredevil. So much so that he sat on the edge of the pool and flopped right in. Of course, I then jumped in to save him and have a pancake size black bruise on the backside of my thigh to prove it. Thank God, he is fine.

IMG_3351_edTMP-1 IMG_3352

IMG_3353  IMG_3355

IMG_3357 IMG_3360IMG_3354

Odds and Ends

Here are just a few fun pics. The kids have taken a liking lately to trying on my high heels…I’m definitely thinking they’re going to love these pics when they are say…16 :-)

IMG_3346 IMG_3347

One of my oldest friends in the world came by for a visit with her two kiddos Bridget and Will.  Don’t they look cute together?


When mom is busy, this is what my kids do to entertain themselves…


And finally, I found these cute mitten playdoh mats at childcareland and they were a big hit. G-man keeps asking for those “mitten things”.

IMG_3339 IMG_3340

That’s it for now-MOPS tomorrow, storytime  Friday. Busy busy :-)

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  1. Thanks for the new post Amy! Funny thing is I ALMOST put our trip to the aquarium from this past summer on my blog today, but ran out of time. I may still have to put it on there sometime. Maybe we'll have to go back and then I can do a post comparing our experiences now that the kids are a bit older! =0) Can't wait for your next post!