Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sharing Saturday: Gg and Apples

Gg is for Garrett after all!

If you’re reading this and you know my little Garrett, you know that he is a busy, busy little guy.  He wakes up in the morning bright-eyed and ready to go.  He usually asks what we’re going to do that day before he even has breakfast. 

I decided that I better have an answer for him! I started planning a few little activities for him to do each day. Nothing scheduled or too serious, but just something I can pull out for those down times when he needs a little stimulation. 

One of my goals is for him to be able to recognize the letters in his name. I’ve been using Erica’s Letter of the Week Curriculum  (you can purchase it all together or just download what you need for FREE) to print some activities to help with this.  I also have some theme ideas (apples, pumpkins,etc)  collected from my teaching days that I will be pulling things from.

Here are a few things that we’ve done in the past week.  By the way, it’s imperative that I be able to tweak the activity so that my 2 year old can do it-he MUST not be left out ;-)

Kool-Aid Playdough
(this was supposed to be green apple playdough but I couldn’t find the “electric apple” jello that it required…so I nabbed this recipe from the Internet-see separate post)

IMG_3819 IMG_3820

Apple Counting Game
He just counted the apples and matched them to the correct numbers. He knows #1-10 so far, mostly just from reading number books. Then we arranged the numbers from 1-10 and played “which one is missing”. I would take a number and he would have to figure out which one was missing. Then we’d switch. He loved this! The apple game and numbers can be found here.

IMG_3815 IMG_3812

Apple Suncatcher
A fun craft to dress up our windows. Draw an apple out of cardstock and then cut the inside out. Lay it flat on a piece of contact paper and stick little squares of tissue paper on them. Lay another sheet of contact paper, cut out and voila! Instead suncatchers!

IMG_3837 IMG_3838

Do-a-Dot Markers with the letter Gg
These are super fun little markers that my kids LOVE. I got them at Michael’s with a 40% coupon.  The letter printables can be found here.

IMG_3816 IMG_3817

Apple Shake-Up Snack
Just cut up an apple into bite-sized pieces and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over them. Let the kids shake and then enjoy. Hey, any new way to eat something is bound to be fun, right?

IMG_3810_edited-1 IMG_3811_edited-1

Fine Motor-Cutting up Straws
I just put a package of neon straws into a container, gave him a scissors and told him I needed help cutting them.  This kept both of them busy for quite awhile, for several days. Definitely worth the cost of the straws! Of course Colin had to find some way to put them in his mouth.  Is it me, or is that picture just adorable?



Number Game Matchup
Awhile ago, I printed out this game but I can’t remember where from. He had to count the objects and then find the correct number. Notice he’s in his pajamas in the next few…yep, BEFORE breakfast!





Lacing a Necklace
I found this little foam necklace kit at the Dollar Tree awhile ago and knew it would be good eye-hand coordination practice. Shhh…don’t tell him it’s a purse!

IMG_3766 IMG_3765

And lastly,  just some good old-fashioned painting.


We’ve also been doing all of the letter “Gg is for Gumballs” activities found in the Letter of the Week Curriculum. Garrett asks to do an activity at least once a day, if not more. As long as he keeps interested, we’ll keep doing it. I hope to do a “sharing Saturday” post from this point on. It’s so worth the time to plan when I hear “Mom, this is fun”!!! I love it!

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