Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apple and Halloween Activities

October is finally here! My, we’ve been waiting for it for a long time. For one thing, the boys are so excited for Halloween. Of course, our new little arrival will be coming in a few short weeks as well, which makes it even more exciting.

Here are a few of the activities that I pulled out for this month so far. Garrett has been enjoying them so much; I’m so glad I put in the time and effort to make these last year.

Apple Patterns
I just “read” the pattern with him and had him tell me which color apple came next. He’s been doing very well with the ABA pattern. Sorry, I can’t remember where I got this! (I am going to try to be better in the future telling you where I find this stuff…I made this long before I thought I’d ever have a blog…)


Alligator Puzzle (in correlation with our current letter, Aa)
I scored a bunch of these 9 and 12 piece puzzles at a garage sale a few weeks back  for a quarter. They are the perfect level of difficulty for him.

Apple Size Sorting 
He put these in order from smallest to biggest. This continues to be a challenge for him. Download these here.


Big A and little a Sort
Match the uppercase A’s and lowercase a’s to the apple tree.


Ghost Numbers
I found these on clearance at Michael’s last year and thought I’d find some kind of use for them. I wrote 1-20 on them and first laid them out on the floor. I called out a number (like a ghost of course) and he had to jump to that number. Next, I had him  line up the ghosts in numerical order.


Finally, I had him “feed” the ghosts with unifix cubes according to the number on their belly. Later, I found these really cool flies at the Dollar Tree that we used, but didn’t get a picture of that. He thought the flies were much cooler :-)

Halloween Clothespin Game 
I found this download from one of the Yahoo Groups I belong to. You just count the objects on the card, find the number and put the clothespin on it. Daddy had the pleasure of helping on this one.


Ghost Memory
I think this came from Garrett loved this game! It’s played just like traditional memory.

IMG_3849 IMG_3852

Applejack Necklaces
I gave them a piece of string from our lacing cards, a bowl with Applejacks in it and told them to string them. No kidding, it was quiet for about 10 whole minutes while they diligently worked. They wore them when they were done, but then of course had fun eating them off of their necklace. I might consider doing patterns with this sometime.  Great fine motor!

IMG_3821_edited-1 IMG_3822

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this page as the month goes on. Until then….

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