Friday, December 17, 2010

Peanut Painting

We got a fun package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa which had packing peanuts in it. So we did a little peanut painting! I filled a muffin tin with 6 colors of glitter paint and stuck a peanut in each.

I gave the kids a piece of construction paper and let them go to town. Garrett’s approach was to smear and mix the colors while Colin preferred to “dot” the color.

IMG_4246 IMG_4247

When dry, I cut Garrett’s into a Christmas tree shape…just because it was green and almost Christmas!

Oh-and I just have to share this picture. Totally unrelated, but I told the kids before dinner they could help me bake cookies tonight. When I finished cleaning up,  I turned around to call for them, and this is what I saw. I’d say they were ready :-)



  1. What kind of cookies did you make? I bet your boys were great helpers!

  2. We made chocolate mint ones with Andes mints on top. Only I did something wrong and they were flat as pancakes. They sure had fun though. Thanks for the comment ;-)