Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What do you do all day?

To be honest, some days more than others.  I thought the few readers of my blog  might appreciate an inside glimpse of what we do to fill our days.  We happily started “preschool at home” on September 1st and I must say, having a routine is a welcome change from the lazy days of summer.

Here are some things we focused on for the first week.

-identifying and writing our names
-the letter A
-the colors red and green

And now in no particular order…

1. Our day usually starts with doing calendar. We talk about the month we’re in, count the numbers to figure out what day it is, talk about any special days coming up, sing the days of the week song, put up “today”, “tomorrow” and “yesterday” cards, talk about what season it is, sing the weather song and put up the appropriate card, graph how many days we’ve had of that kind of weather, review our address, phone number and 911.


2. For name practice, I bought 2 of those swimming noodles at the dollar tree and cut them into approx. 1-2 inch slices. I wrote a letter of their name on each piece and then had them string their names together using nylon rope.

 IMG_4924 IMG_4925

3. For letter A practice, Garrett practiced his A’s several times with different colored crayons on this “bubble” paper.

4. For science, we talked about what would happen to an apple if we left it out, versus brushing lemon juice on it. Here they are brushing the lemon juice on. 

5.  I got this bag of glittery, foam letters at Michael’s and dumped them into a container.  We threw a blanket out on the lawn and they had to find as many A’s as they could. It kind of morphed into a game as Garrett wanted to hide the letters and make me find them.  The cool part about this is that I will keep the letters and repeat for every letter!

IMG_4929 IMG_4930

6. Coloring things that are red


7. Making a mosaic apple. Basically, the just tore pieces of red construction paper and glued them to an apple cutout. Good gluing practice for Colin.


8.We read the book Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss and made these headbands.


9. We played with unifix cubes. Normally I would throw some counting and pattering in with these, but this time I just let them play.  Austin was happy to be in on the action :-)


10. This is an apple grid game.  It’s hard to see, but it’s just a piece of paper with 20 apples on it.  Each player would spin the spinner and then put that many cubes on the apples. Teaches 1:1 correspondence and counting  in a fun way.


11.  Finger painting. They learned that blue + yellow = green!


12. Apple prints.  Cut an apple in 1/2, stick a fork in it and have them stamp apple prints. When they dry, we will draw stems on them.  If I were organized, I would’ve had them glue real apple seeds on them too. Oh well, maybe next time…


13. Here is a random depiction of the work they do in their “workboxes”. It’s meant to be independent work, but at their young ages, it rarely is!

Garrett is doing pre-writing practice with a dry/erase marker and Colin is sorting objects into cups according to color.


Garrett happily finished an alligator puzzle while Colin worked on his cutting skills.

IMG_4933 IMG_4934

Garrett doing a rhyming matching game and Colin doing a hot/cold sort.

IMG_4935 IMG_4936

Garrett doing an apple counting game. Count the apples on the tree and find the correct number.


And what is Austin doing during all of this? Well, either this…


or this!

So there you have it-some, a random spattering of our first week. I must say, the days are not going at all how I envisioned them, and that’s okay. With the nice weather we’ve had lately, I’m fine with taking a break and enjoying the outdoors. Or if somebody invites us to play at the park, we go. I have a general plan on what I hope we’ll accomplish in a day (and by day, I mean a few hours), but I think almost every day, that plan changes. In October, that plan will really change :-) But we’ll go with it and hopefully learn a few things along the way.

Thanks for checking in on us!