Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where oh Where Have I Been?

I realize it has been a VERY long time since I have updated. I guess I kind of forgot about it in a way, or is it that I just knew I should be spending my precious free time in so many other ways? And yet there is something very soothing about getting my thoughts down, and also connecting with some super ladies that I have recently met in cyberspace (giving a shout-out to Erica, Jessica, and Kristin!). You all have inspired me to continue blogging. And so…

So what have we been doing? Ahhh…getting used to life as a family of 6 I suppose. These little people are such blessings, but do require lots of my tender loving care, as anyone in this phase of life well knows. It seems my days are plum full, and sometimes I can’t even say what I have gotten done except feed everyone and clean up their messes (and sometimes not even that!) But we are surviving. In fact, we are more than surviving. We are happily surviving. Most days I can go to bed and say that I still have my sanity, the kids are clean and fed, and I feel good about the day. Yes, there are “those days”(don’t we all know it!)  but overall, we are a busy, happy, BLESSED family of 6. I wouldn’t want to spend my days doing anything but loving on these precious little people, and the one precious big guy in my life.

And so if you are visiting for the first time, here we are. Colin (3)is my fun, sporty, make me laugh little guy; Austin (18 mo.) is my chatty, loud, love to be into everything little writer (yes, he can sit for 30 minutes at a time with a pencil in his hand, holding it correctly, and just “write” on paper; Lila (6 months) is my sweet, sweet little pumpkin; and Garrett (5) is my bright, sensitive,  loves to cook and read guy. So now you know us. Feel free to look around and leave a comment. Thanks for visiting!



  1. How wonderful to hear you spilling over with joy at your home full of blessings. Helps me in my needs-an-attitude-adjustment moments. ;)
    Nice getting to know you! :)

  2. Your all beautiful! :) I hope to atleast have four. We have three boys as of right now. :)

    You are very blessed!

  3. How sweet! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm loving this season of life!